What is a Wet Signature – Advantages and Disadvantages

So, what is a wet signature? It’s just a regular signature you handwrite on paper with a pen, a pencil (though we wouldn’t), or anything you can write with. Its function is to prove that the person in question has read the document (whatever it is) and agreed with it. A wet signature is required if at least one party of the agreement requires it or if the law does (though American law accepts digital and electronic signatures as well).
The aesthetical difference between signature types is fading. For example, you can use a pattern of your wet signature to sign documents on PDFLiner. All you have to do is capture your signature with a camera when Signature Wizard prompts you to.
It can also be used as a visual representation of your electronic signature; more on this in the next section.

What is the Difference Between Wet, Electronic, and Digital Signatures

The wet signature meaning the person’s agreement is not the oldest sort of signatures (it couldn’t appear before writing), but definitely, the most widely used in the history of mankind. Now, though, it faces powerful rivalry. Instead of archaic identity confirmation ways like fingerprints, now we have a digital and electronic signature. What are those?

  • Digital signature is a more secure sort of signature. It often uses a certificate that only select organizations are authorized to provide. Digital signatures provide a higher level of security and are harder to fake.
  • Electronic signature is any electronic symbol (visual or readable in other forms) that confirms the person’s intention to sign a contract or other type of paper. This type does not need to be authorized by special powers. Lack of certificates can be fixed by linking e-signatures to the signer’s email address, social media profile, and any other digital identity element.
  • Wet signature is left by the signer physically. It’s a regular signature on paper that we all use.
We must also acknowledge that signing a document on a tablet with a stylus has little to do with wet ink signatures, even if it’s made by hand. It’s a graphic representation of an electronic or digital signature.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Wet Signature

The very wet signature definition implies the person who leaves this sort of signature has to be physically present where the signing takes place. Of course, it is the strongest proof that the signer has personally read and approved the agreement as they were physically there. What does wet signature mean in the XXI century?

Exactly this.

On the other hand, you can have your document wet signed, meaning that the person has signed it, but it does not guarantee that the person was sane at the moment and acted on their own free will. The signer could be drunk or drugged, sleepy, or just forced to sign the paper. So it does not provide absolute confirmation. Still, it’s harder to fake than an electronic one that is vulnerable to, for example, account hacking or certificate leak.

The advantage of digital or electronic signatures is that they can be used remotely. You can be half the world away from the other party, and still, the signed document will be legit. Another advantage is its applicability to digital documents. You can e-sign a digital copy of the contract and send it to other parties.

Sign your Documents Online

It’s easy to add a signature online with PDFLiner. You have to do just the following:

  1. Enter the site and log in.
2. Upload the document (or choose it from your drive if already uploaded).
3. Click the “Add Sign” button in the top menu.

4. Select one from your signatures or click “Add New Signature”.
5. To add a new one, you can upload a scan of your wet signature with “Capture”, upload the image from your computer, draw it with a mouse or a stylus, or generate it with a Signature Wizard.
6. Place it where you want it to be in the document.

Many forms already have places for signatures. Just click such a place, and the Signature Wizard will offer you to add a signature in one click.

Sign Your Documents Online