Drawing Tools for Your PDF: Top-10 Options

Usually, PDF documents are associated with reading, printing, transmitting, and editing tools. We don’t often use the drawing tools that are offered. Nevertheless, once we need to draw on the document, there is a wide range of editing tools for it. For instance, when using PDFLiner, you can simply tap on the Plus button and pick the Draw among instruments. And what about other apps? Here are the top 10 options for you.

Online Apps

First, let’s talk about online tools for drawing. These tools are available on all platforms. Besides, they all have basic versions that are completely free of charge. These programs were created in different countries by different people. However, they all provide their services in PDF editing. They are widely used for creating electronic signatures and attaching them to PDF. You can use them on any platform you need without specific preparations and extra tools.


This online PDF editor offers numerous tools for both professionals and amateurs. You can use it for business or personal needs, including drawing the electronic signature and attaching it to the documents. It has a simple and crystal clear interface with all tools signed. There is a free package that also contains drawing tools. You also can sign for a premium account and pay for it.

You can edit documents, create them from the very beginning, filling out forms, and save everything you need on your device. You can print a document without downloading it. There is a group sharing tool that is beneficial for business owners who want to share documents with colleagues. You may grant access to the document to other participants if you need their help with file editing.

Small PDF

Small PDF is another online app that is available for you anytime. All you need is a strong WiFi connection. The program is relatively new but already on-demand around the world. Its library contains over 500 templates ready for use. You can create professional visuals inside this editor and add them to your PDF document. You don’t need to download the program on your computer, and you can use it on versatile platforms. A colorful interface makes the tool easy to find.

FillAny PDF

A free-of-charge tool that allows you to draw inside a PDF document of such a quality is not something you can often find. The app is available online. It suits perfectly the Microsoft Word documents conversion. You can also fill the forms and put eSignatures over the documents you need. You don’t need to install any software to use this program. The interface may look simple at the beginning, but you will understand how comfortable it is in use.

Drawboard PDF

This program is similar to the PDFLiner. It provides a wide range of tools for PDF editing. It offers the unique add-on that makes this program so on-demand for users. You can use its drawing tool to affix the signature inside the document. The interface is user-friendly. You will quickly learn all the buttons since they are signed or illustrated with icons recognizable worldwide. This program works online. It provides you with the increased speed of the upload.


This is an online converter. You can download your document and edit it right on the page of the app. After you sign in, the service allows you to use all the features, including drawing. It is free of charge. You can share the documents with others right through the app.

Offline Apps

Now, let’s consider the tools for drawing you can use offline. You may find out that some of these programs have unique features you can use in different documents.


Platforms: Windows and Mac

If you want to draw on documents using advanced features, you can try PDFelement. The app allows you to convert PDF into images, Word, EPUB, HTML, PPT, Excel, and Pages. You can place all the documents you need in a specific order. There is a feature that allows you to create new PDFs from the old ones by splitting them. You may create even advanced images with this app. Besides, you can protect the PDF with extra locks offered by PDFelement.

Nuance PDF Editor

Platforms: Windows and Mac

You don’t need a sketchpad or pencil to use this program. It is simple, and yet, it contains a wide range of tools that help you draw anything you want. This is one of the best interactive editors of PDF documents. Create drawings using a mouse and touchpad.

Foxit Phantom PDF

Platforms: Windows and Mac

The app offers you offline tools for PDF edition. There is even a built-in checker of your spelling. You can create the document from the very beginning and attach the pictures if you want, dragging them anywhere you need. The drawing tool is simple to use and extremely straightforward. You will learn to use this online pdf drawing editor in no time.


Platforms: Windows and Mac

PDFforge was created by German developers and became incredibly popular in the US. The program is well-organized and simple to use. All you have to do is follow the provided modules. You can use this app for free or pay for the advanced version. Drawing modules are included in the free version. There is a wide range of figures you can include in the drawing.

Nitro Pro

Platforms: Windows

This app is available for the Windows platform only. It was made for business and personal use. After you draw the picture you need, you may convert the PDF into Word, Microsoft Excel, and PowerPoint files. This pdf drawing app greatly fits with the PDF files that were scanned.

Which Program to Pick?

All the instruments here are considered to be the most popular programs for PDF editing and drawing around the world. They provide a wide range of features you can use for your documents. Almost all of them are free of charge and available on multiple platforms.

You can choose whether you want offline or online programs. No matter which program you decide to use, save the list of all of them just in case. Since they are free, you don’t have to limit yourself to only one of them. If you want to try other alternatives, you can open an online PDFLiner program that offers almost all the features of the above-mentioned tools. It is up to you which program (-s) you want to use as long as they make your work easier.
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