Share a PDF Online: Top 4 Services

Wondering which service lets you share a PDF in the easiest way? Well, it depends on your sharing needs. What’s the average size of your documents? How many files per time do you send? Do you need online collaboration features? Having answers to these questions, you will pick the right service easier. Now, take a look at our selection of online services with the best sharing features around.


PDFLiner lets you share a PDF online not only by sending files via email but also by granting up to 5 people simultaneous access to any file. This lets you upload or create PDF files and collaborate on them with other users without the need to send docs and wait for everyone to download them. This comes extremely in handy when you are dealing with complicated files that need the help of a remote expert as well as when your PDFs are large and require too much time to be sent anywhere.

  • The huge advantage is that PDFLiner is available for all platforms via any web browser. If you need to demonstrate someone a large document, you can just share a link instead of waiting for the user (or multiple users) to download it. How to share a PDF with this service? Just drag and drop the files and choose recipients.
Besides, this web app is full of pro-grade PDF editing features. You can upload or create files and fill them with the needed information without difficulties. When the work is done, each document can be watermarked, encrypted, converted into Word or JPEG, merged, and many more. If you need a powerful online-only editor with flexible sharing, you’re likely to enjoy this one.

Why choose this service:
  • Swift online-only service;
  • Share files to collaborate on them simultaneously;
  • Powerful online editor;
  • A robust library of PDF forms;
  • Affordable for personal and professional use.


This service lets you share a PDF file online quite easily due to Google Drive and Dropbox integration. It’s also a reliable offline editor with a lot of conversion features and an effective PDF compressor for quicker sharing. If you are using email or Evernote, you can also connect these services to your PDFelement account and share PDFs in full size. The second option is great for creative teams that collaborate in Evernote to accomplish complex projects.

Why choose this service:
  • Works offline on Mac and PC;
  • Dropbox, Google Drive, and Evernote are integrated;
  • Easy for commenting and annotating documents;
  • Convenient document editor;
  • Lets you reduce file size with a compressor.


This online PDF processor is designed for quick filling of tax forms and similar documents. It’s also nice cloud storage for your PDFs that lets you share one or multiple files by forwarding quick links or via email. The storage is encrypted so that no one can download your files without authorization. The website is very easy to use and has a database of updated federal tax forms.

Why choose this service:
  • Convenient cloud storage;
  • Sharing via email and quick links;
  • Supports Dropbox, Google Drive, Box, and OneDrive;
  • Not very expensive.


This website is made only for sharing files, and it completes the task perfectly well. The platform supports loads of file formats, including MS Office and more niche extensions. The service doesn’t collect your documents for third-party interests and protects sharing links with encryption. The platform is optimized for all the popular web browsers and operating systems. You can get the sharing link by simply dragging a file on the starting page or the site.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t let you edit files online or modify them in any way. On the other hand, you can embed your documents and put them inside other websites as iframes. This makes DocDroid a must for webmasters who work with PDFs, and other office files a lot.

Why choose this service:
  • A quick way to generate links;
  • Supports many office file formats;
  • Your privacy is protected;
  • Lets you embed files for iframe integration.

Get the Most of PDF Sharing Services

Now you know how to share a PDF with 4 different high-quality services. Sharing a PDF isn’t difficult at all, but choosing the right service is an essential step. Compare pricing and additional features to understand which service will make the most for you for less cash and enjoy it. If you have any questions about particular services and features, you’re welcome to ask them in the comments. We’d also be happy to see your opinions!
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