How to Sign W-9 Online: Detailed Info & Manual

The IRS Form W-9 is a one-page document in which an employee should provide personal information and their taxpayer identification number. Although the IRS issues this paper, it is used by third parties and should not be sent to the tax office. Freelancers and other part-time employees should complete the document. It serves as an official confirmation that you know that part of your earnings goes to pay the relevant taxes.

How to Sign W-9 on My Computer

Since the paper is only one page long and comes with detailed instructions from the IRS, you should have no problem filling it out; just be attentive. You can submit the document in paper form if you prefer. However, most organizations welcome an e-submission of it. It is the most straightforward and commonly used method at present.

An electronic signature is a full-fledged replacement for a handwritten version, carries the same legal value, and is used everywhere. Its use allows you to save money and time on courier delivery and printing of files. Besides, a digital signature is very difficult to forge; simple copying it is not enough here. There are many ways to e-sign a W-9, the most convenient of which is to use the PDFLiner tool. You will find everything you need to quickly fill out tax forms and other documents on this online service. To sign the completed form, follow these steps:

  1. Place your cursor in the field of the paper where your signature should be;
  2. On the top control panel, choose the 'Add Sign' button.
3. Then click 'Add New Signature.'
4. Next, you have three options for signing the document to choose from:

  • Draw the signature by hand using a trackpad or mouse;
  • Upload an existing image of your signature from a smartphone, computer, or tablet;
  • Take a photo of the signature (give the service access to your device's camera).
4. After choosing the option that suits you, click 'Sign,' and the document is ready to use.

As you can see, the tax form e-signing is a simpler and more convenient process than you might think. Using the online editor, you can sign any PDF document. Moreover, you do not need to use only templates from the site catalog; you can download the form you need, fill it out, and sign it.

If you have difficulty filling it out or want to know how to get a W-9, check out the detailed article on this topic on PDFLiner.


Here are the answers to some popular questions related to the W-9 form signing.
Can I sign a W-9 form online?
Of course! If you prefer to submit documents electronically, you can use your digital signature to sign them. Moreover, you can use a photo, an existing electronic version of the signature, or create it directly in the online editor on the site.
Who can sign a W-9?
This document must be signed by the person who filled it out. The form is used by part-time workers, freelancers, and other self-employed people. Those taxpayers who work full time do not have to submit this paper.
Why would my bank ask me to sign a W-9?
Your bank may need your TIN and tax certification to ensure that funds in your account are received legally. Since this form contains confidential information, make sure that they are not scammers before submitting the document.
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