How to Sign W-2 Online Step by Step

The W-2 form, also called the Wage and Tax Statement is a document sent to the IRS and every employee by their employers before January 31 so that they file it before April 15. The form provides information about the amount of taxes withheld from a particular employee’s wage as well as their annual wage. However, those who are self-employed and contracted workers do not have to file W-2 — they file their taxes with other forms.

Signing PDF files online is a great way to save time since you don’t need to print them out before filing. Therefore, in this article, we’ll talk about the ways to e-sign a W-2 form and discuss the frequently asked questions considering this process.

How to Sign W-2?

Nowadays, there is no need to print the tax form, sign it manually, scan the document, and file it afterward. Electronic signatures make it so much easier to do your paperwork and save time. According to the law of the USA, an e-signature is equivalent to your hand signature. Basically, it’s the image of your hand signature on the particular electronic document.

There are actually a lot of ways of how to sign W-2 online, but one of the best and most versatile options is to use some kind of PDF online signer service. This way, it doesn’t matter which kind of device you use. They are usually more straightforward and provide only the most necessary features. With the help of this kind of service, you not only can sign W-2 and other tax forms but also any other document you need to.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to sign the W-2 form:

1. Fill out the form

You have to fill out the W-2 form with the following information:

  • your personal data (ID number, Social Security number, name, etc.);
  • personal information of your employee;
  • data about the employee’s wages, tips, and tax withheld, etc.
2. Find and click on the ‘add sign’ button

Find the button that says ‘add sign’ in the upper left corner. Click on it.
3. Add signature

If this is the first time you use this website to sign the file, there probably are no signatures saved, so you have to click on the ‘add new signature’ button. In case you've already used this feature, you will find the previously saved signatures in the pop-up window.
4. Choose the way to add a signature

You can choose whether you want to type it in, draw, upload, or capture it. With the three last options, you’ll get a copy of your handwritten signature. The first option will provide you with your name written in a cursive font.
If the information on how to get W-2 interests you, there is a detailed explanation on PDFLiner as well.


There are lots of questions considering signing and filing the W-2 form, so we picked the most common ones in this section.
Can I sign a W-2 form online?
Yes, the W-2 form can be signed online, just like any other PDF file. You can use any application or website, like PDFLiner, that is suitable for you.
When should I sign a W-2 form?
The form must be sent to the employees before January 31 and filed before April 15. So you have to fill out and sign the W-2 form before January 31; thus, they will have time to check the information and file it with their tax return.
What should I do after I signed a W-2?
After completing and signing the W-2 form, you, as an employer, should send it to the Social Security Administration and to your employees by the end of January.

Sign Your W-2 Form Easily

There is more than one way of signing the W-2 form, so you can choose the one that suits you more. Basically, it doesn't matter which application or website you use; all you need to do is to find the ‘sign’ button and click on it. With the help of PDFLiner, managing your legal documents is now easier than ever.
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