How to Sign Schedule C for Form 1040: Step-by-Step Guide

Schedule C, also known as Profit or Loss from Business, has to be filed with the 1040 form. Form 1040 is a tax form used to report to the IRS on your business’s profit and loss. Therefore, if you work for yourself, like own a small business, do freelancing, or sell goods on Etsy or Amazon, you are likely to file this form.

Sole proprietors, Single-member LLC, and a qualified joint venture — this is who files a Schedule C. If one of these is your business’s type, and you wonder how to get form 1040 Schedule C, there is a fillable PDF version of this form on PDFLiner. As many taxpayers keep asking questions like “what is a Schedule C tax form? What is the purpose of a Schedule C?”, we decided to provide them with a comprehensive guide. In this article, we’ll discuss the e-signing of Schedule C with the instruments offered by PDFLiner.

How to Sign Schedule C for Form 1040?

If you know what tax schedules are, you understand that there’s no need to sign Schedule C. However, you can still do it to ensure that any third party will use it. Now you’re probably wondering where do you sign the Schedule C form if there’s no specific place for the signature. You can put it at the bottom of the second page or at the top part of the first page. Signing PDF files online is a great way of saving your time, and PDFLiner offers a straightforward and versatile solution to do it.

If you haven’t completed the form already, you can find its PDF version in the website’s library. Then, fill it out according to the 1040 instructions. Further, follow this step-by-step guide on how to sign the Schedule C form:

1. Find the ‘add sign’ button in the upper left corner and click on it. You’ll see a popup window suggesting you use the saved signature or create a new one;
2. If you used this feature before, you could choose the saved signature. If you didn’t, click on the ‘add new signature’ button;
3. You have a few options on how to create a new signature.

a) The first one is to type in your full name, and you will get it written in the handwriting imitation;
b) Other options are to draw the signature with your mouse, capture it with the camera, or upload a photo of your signature.
4. Finally, click on the ‘sign’ button, and it will appear in the field needed.

You can use the PDFLiner signing option for signing any PDF file you need, so it makes the process of managing your legal documents much easier.


Here are some of the most common questions about the process of signing schedule C and the answers to them.
Does the IRS accept electronic signatures on Schedule C?
Yes, the IRS does accept e-signatures on tax forms and Schedule C in particular.
Do I need to sign Schedule C 1040 form?
Though you are not required to sign Schedule C, it would be safer to do so to prevent other people from using it.
Can someone else sign my Schedule C?
It is not legal to forge a signature. However, if you gave someone access to your PDFLiner account and asked them to sign some document, they would be able to do it.

Sign Easily with PDFLiner

Signing PDFs is a straightforward procedure, especially when using PDFLiner. All you need to do is find a ‘sign’ button and follow the instructions further. With competent guidance, it’s much easier to get, fill out, and sign not only tax forms but also any legal documents you need.
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