How to Sign Form 941 Without Wasting Your Time

The IRS Form 941 is a tax reporting instrument used by employers to report any withholdings from their employees’ paychecks. These include Social Security, Medicare, federal tax, and other possible withholdings, which apply to most employers with a few exceptions. The form is to be submitted on a quarterly basis.

How to Sign Form 941

A PDF version of the form can be signed via PDFLiner’s editor. This is a simple-to-use set of tools that can be used for filling out a form as well as signing in a way that’s legally binding. If you have a pre-filled Form 941 (see the dedicated article on how to get Form 941), you can access the signing functionality using PDFLiner’s Sign a PDF Online section.

With the PDF you need to work on opened in the editor, left-click on the “Sign Field” on the 3rd page or “Add Sign” button near the top left corner of the Window to call the Signature Wizard. The highly intuitive tool enables you to store existing signature templates if you are a returning PDFLiner user.

Alternatively, you can choose to type in your name to generate a handwritten-like signature, take a photo of your actual signature, make one with your camera, or draw it using your mouse from scratch. The electronic signature can be placed wherever you need it within the document. It will be stored for later use automatically after you apply it. If you don’t want it to be stored, though, you can choose to delete it using the Signature Wizard’s interface.
Please note that the easy signing procedure described above can be applied to any PDF form. The signatures attached this way are fully legitimate, easy to use, and re-use. This method facilitates e-filing — the IRS’s preferred submission method that reduces paperwork and the burden on both the officials and the submitter.


This section contains brief answers to questions on online 941 filing.
Who can sign Form 941?
The owner or senior official of the business is to sign the form. A third party can be authorized to sign 941 on behalf of a taxpayer under Form 8655.
Do I need to sign my tax return if I e-file?
According to the applicable Form 941 instructions, you need to e-sign form 941 regardless of the filing method.
Can I sign Form 941 online?
You can. In its Form 941 quarterly instructions, the IRS has encouraged online filing and, therefore, signing of tax statements.
Printable Blank 941 Form
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