How to Sign Form 1040-SR Online

The 1040-SR is a form of tax return for seniors. It is an almost complete copy of 1040, with the difference that 1040-SR is larger in font size and contains a Standard Deduction Chart that demonstrates funds that senior adults generally qualify for. If you don’t know what this form is, you can learn how to get Form 1040-SR.

To fill and make the IRS form 1040-SR eligible, you have to sign it. In this instruction, you can learn how to e-sign the 1040-SR form quickly and easily using the PDFLiner service.

How to Sign Form 1040-SR

The US IRS 1040-SR tax return form is used by seniors to confirm their income. This form is a simplified version of the more extended and complex Form 1040. However, the only visible change of the form is a larger and more contrasting font to make it easier for seniors to read. This form allows people of retirement age to choose between a standard deduction from tax or itemized deductions according to a special scheme called Schedule A. Unlike the old Form 1040-EZ, this one does not contain any restrictions on the types and amounts of the declared income. Note that the deadlines for filling out 1040 and 1040-SR are the same.

If you are eligible to fill the tax return form, you can complete it by following the form 1040-SR instructions. To simplify the process of filling the form out, you can use the online version that is also confirmed and approved by the IRS. With an online PDF editor, you can complete and sign the 1040-SR form with the electronic signing tool.

To e-sign the 1040-SR form, follow these steps:

  • Create an account;
PDFLiner provides 5 days of free trial for new users to experience all of its amazing features.
  • Choose the 1040-SR PDF form from the online library of the service;
  • Open the form and complete it with the needed information;
  • Scroll down to the end of the 3rd page.
  • Click on the “Sign Field” and add your own handwritten signature.
  • The tool provides four options to create and sign a document within several seconds.


To make sure you know everything about completing the 1040-SR form, check out these questions.
Who should sign a 1040-SR form?
1040-SR is for the taxpayers born before January 2, 1955.
Can I sign Form 1040-SR online?
Yes, you can do it easily using the PDFLiner editor.
Can someone with power of attorney sign a tax return?
Seniors can contact Tax Counseling for the Elderly. Volunteers take full responsibility for filling out and signing, as well as assistance in preparing the documents required for the form.
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