Brief Guide on How to Sign Documents Electronically

Due to the influence of modern technology, most of the document work has been managed electronically for years. The process of signing documents is no exception. Though it might seem tricky at first, signing PDFs online is quite easy and time-saving. In this article, we’ll provide you with a brief guide on how to sign documents electronically.

How to Sign Your Documents Electronically

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to sign a PDF document online with the help of tools offered by PDFLiner.
Step 1: Press the ‘Add Sign’ button

Find the ‘Add Sign’ button in the upper left corner of your screen on the upper toolbar. Click on it to proceed to the further step.

Step 2: Click on ‘Add New Signature’

You will see the ‘Signature Wizard’ window open. If that’s the first time you’re using PDFLiner, there aren’t any signatures saved. Therefore, press the ‘Add New Signature’ button to add one.
Step 3: Choose how to put signature on PDF

Now you can choose the way to add your signature. You can select its type, which means either draw, upload, or capture it. With the last three options, you’ll get a copy of the handwritten signature. If you choose to type it in, you’ll get your name written in cursive.

Advantages of Signing Documents Electronically

It's no surprise that lots of people prefer the option of inserting signatures in PDF to printing the document and signing it manually. Here are some of the main pros of electronic signatures:

  • Convenience: you can not only attach a signature to a PDF file but also collect approvals and signatures on multiple documents without printing any of them out.
  • Save money: if you sign all of the files online, naturally, you’ll save some money by reducing printing and paper costs due to the paperless workflow.
  • Easy to use across different countries: it doesn’t matter where both you and other parties are located. After learning how to sign electronically your PDF documents, you’ll see how convenient it is since people use e-signatures worldwide.
  • Enhanced security: electronic signatures are safe, and due to such functions as locking PDF documents offered by PDFLiner, you can be sure that no third party will get access to your documents.


Except for ‘how to add my signature to a PDF?’, we get lots of questions about e-signatures. Here are brief answers to the most commonly asked ones.
Are e-signatures legally binding?
Yes, electronic signatures are as legally binding as handwritten signatures. So if you sign documents online, an e-signature is a legally effective part of those documents. However, they are not considered legal in all countries. E-signatures are legally binding in the US, Canada, Australia, the UK, the EU, and many other countries around the world.
Is signing documents electronically safe?
Yes, e-signatures are completely safe. To ensure that any unwanted people won’t get access to your file after you add a signature, you can use the feature of locking the PDF with the password.
Should I e-sign documents online or offline?
There’s not much difference between how to sign documents on iPhone or other gadgets while being online and offline. You can use some PDF editor apps for offline signing. However, to benefit from our versatile PDFLiner, you have to be online.
What is considered a legal e-signature?
It doesn’t matter whether you type in your name, draw, capture, or upload your signature since all of these options are considered to provide a legal e-signature.

Sign PDF with Electronic Signature Free Online

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