Step-by-Step Guide on How to Sign a PDF Online

The ability to sign a PDF online is now an essential skill since almost all of the workflow has become paperless. This process might seem challenging if you’ve never tried it. However, in reality, you can do it with only a few simple steps. In this article, we’ll tell you how to add an electronic signature to a PDF and discuss the topic of e-signatures.

How to Sign PDF Online

If you are wondering ‘how to add my signature to a PDF?’, here’s a brief step-by-step instruction that will help you ease this process.

Step 1: Click on the ‘Add Sign’ button

In the upper toolbar, you’ll find the ‘Add Sign’ button. It’s located in the left corner of your screen. Press it.

Step 2: Press ‘Add New Signature’

The popup window of ‘Signature Wizard’ will appear. In case you used PDFLiner for inserting signatures in PDF, you could select the already saved one.

If that’s the first time you’re on this website, there won’t be any signatures saved. Therefore, you have to find and click on the ‘Add New Signature’ button.
Step 3: Select how to put signature on PDF

You’ll be offered a selection of ways to add a signature. If you choose to type your name in, you’ll get it written in cursive. In case you prefer to draw your signature, upload its photo or capture it with the camera, and you’ll get a copy of the handwritten signature.

Advantages of e-Signing PDF Online

After you learn how to sign electronically any PDF file you require, it’s not convenient to go back to the old manual way of handwriting signatures. No surprise since it is not only easier but overall has lots of advantages. These benefits include:

  • Convenience: it’s much easier to work with one computer than tons of separate documents. There’s no need for moving paperwork and no chance that some documents will get lost.
  • Sign PDF documents anywhere and anytime: it’s as simple as it gets. It doesn’t matter if your client lives in another country or if it’s too late. You can always send your files by email.
  • Save both time and money: adding a signature to a PDF file is time-saving since manual steps that are involved in this process are minimized. Moreover, you’ll save on expenditures as well after reducing printing and paper costs.
  • Improved security: e-signatures are completely safe. You can also ensure that any unwanted people get access to your document. To do so, attach a signature to a PDF and secure the file with the locking PDF function offered by PDFLiner.

Who Can Use Electronic Signature

Anyone can use e-signatures anywhere they need them. Electronic signatures have become standard practice nowadays. They are mostly used in almost all the fields that require giving and seeking consent in written form. Moreover, there are lots of fields for which it is a vital part of conducting business. People involved in the following industries are the most common to use e-signatures:

  • Real estate: agents from the real estate business were used to visiting different locations all the time to reach their clients and asking them for a signature. As this was a time-consuming approach, this industry has greatly benefited from the development of e-signatures.
  • Finance: people who manage finances experience a lot of document signing. E-signatures are widely adopted by such companies now.
  • Construction industry: the process of signing documents in the construction industry takes lots of time since there are many parties involved. However, if you add a digital signature to a PDF, it saves a lot of time and streamlines the whole process.


People ask lots of questions considering how to digitally sign a PDF. Here are our short answers to the most commonly asked queries on the Web.
What is the difference between digital and electronic signatures?
An electronic signature is equivalent to your handwritten one. It’s an image of the signature on the file. Digital signatures are encrypted and designed to protect the file from any kind of hacking. When you sign a document digitally, the algorithm generates a unique hash. The time you open such documents, the program informs you if its content has been changed.
What makes an electronic signature legal?
Signing a file electronically with the purpose of approval, acceptance, and bound by the terms of that document makes the e-signature as legal as a handwritten signature. You can legally sign any document you need with such reliable platforms as PDFLiner.
Is it safe to sign PDFs electronically?
It is completely safe. Many people use it on a daily basis due to the convenience of this method. If you have doubts, though, you can always use the feature of locking PDF files provided by PDFLiner.
Can I e-sign with a smartphone?
Yes, you can e-sign your PDF files with any device you want.

Add a Signature to a PDF File Easily

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