How to Sign a 1040-X Form: Transparent Guide

If you want to learn how to sign a 1040-X, you have to find out all the options that are offered. This form is known as Amended US Individual Income Tax Return. What is an amended tax return? It is a correction to the forms 1040, 1040-NR, 1040-A, 1040NR-EZ, and 1040-EZ. If you notice mistakes in the tax forms you sent, but the deadline has already passed, you can use 1040-X. It provides changes to the tax reports that were already given to the IRS. You can refile taxes in case you lost or unused the credit as well. Recently, this form became available to send electronically.

How to Sign a 1040-X Form

If you are familiar with the main IRS form 1040-X instructions, you might be aware of the requirement to sign it. Nowadays, you don’t have to download and print the form to sign it. Since the IRS allowed its electronic version, you can also e-sign the form. To avoid addressing third parties and exhausting searches for software that allows you to create your signature, you can e-sign the 1040-X form on this site. PDFLiner offers a simple procedure of creating a signature. To do this, you should:

  • Open the amended taxes form and fill the document with information online. Just press any field you need and complete it;
  • Move to the 2nd page. You will see the “Sign Field”. Click on it.
  • You will see the pop-up window “Signature Wizard” with the red button “Add New Signature”. Press it either;
  • Now you can type your name, draw a signature, upload an already created e-signature, or take a photo of it.
PDFLiner offers a wide range of tools that can make your e-signature look like the classic pen-and-paper one. It applies not only to a tax amendment form; the service is available for any form from the huge library of PDFLiner. Keep in mind that putting your e-signature on the document makes it legal. You can also pick the place where you have to put the signature if there is no specific section for it. In this case, just pick the “Add Sign” icon in the right upper corner of the page.

And if you still don’t know how to get form 1040-X, you can find instructions here. The form does not require much preparation. All you need is to provide the correct information for the previous form as well as know where to sign the amended tax return so that you can send it.


Here is the list of the most popular questions about form 1040-X compiled for your convenience. Check it to find the information you might need.
Do I need to sign my amended tax return?
Yes, this form has to be signed. Although not all the forms must be signed, this one should be legally bound. This is a correction of the information you’ve sent before, and the IRS asks for proof of its legal side.
Can I sign my tax return electronically?
This option has been unavailable for many years. However, nowadays, you can sign any forms electronically. All you need is a specific tool that allows you to do it.
Is there a penalty for filing an amended tax return?
In case you did not pay the proper amount of taxes using the incorrect information on the tax form, there would be a penalty from the IRS. However, the form 1040-X does not cost you anything. If there were no mistakes in money calculations, and you did not underpay the taxes, you wouldn’t require to pay a fee.

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