How to Sign 1040: Ultimate Guide

The IRS 1040 form is one of the standard reports that US taxpayers use to register their annual tax returns. This new form has replaced three papers used in the past: 1040, 1040-A, and 1040-EZ. However, these forms are no longer filed due to the tax plan signed in late 2017. All US taxpayers now file Form 1040, US Individual Tax Return. If you want to know how to get the 1040 form, you can read a related article on our website.

How to Sign 1040 Online

An electronic signature allows you to deliver documents to the addressee in a matter of minutes and recognize them as legally significant, that is, authentic. How do you sign your 1040 if you are filing it electronically? With PDF Liner, you can fill out and e-sign the 1040 form. You can also work with other documents on this platform due to the substantial catalog of the forms offered.

Where to sign the 1040 form

Step 1: If you use a PDF Liner to fill out your papers, you can find the “Sign Field” at the end of the second page.
Step 2: After you press this button, a new sign appears on the screen. There, you can select the required signature if you have already created and saved it before.

Step 3: If you do not have any signatures saved, click the "Add New Signature" button.
Step 4: Here you can draw, upload, or take a photo of your signature to use it online. This is a simple way to sign a tax return form online. It's significant that you have to sign form 1040 as a self preparer even if you used any platform to fill out your documents.


In this section, you can get the answers to the most popular questions about the 1040 form signing. This information is aimed to help you understand the topic better.
Do I need to sign 1040 when amending?
You must sign the modified declarations for them to be considered valid. In this case, you must resubmit only those forms and graphics that have changed.
How to sign the IRS 1040 as a power of attorney?
To be eligible to sign another person's federal tax return, you have to obtain a power of attorney and a representative's declaration. It's also necessary to fill out Form 2848.
What happens if I didn't sign my tax return?
If you forget to sign your tax return, you will get it back to your address as this document is invalid without a signature. Sign the document and resubmit it.
Can my accountant sign my tax return?
The IRS classifies accountants as "unregistered compilers." They can fill out the declarations, but you have to sign them for the declaration to be valid.
How to sign 1040 for the deceased taxpayer?
In the event of the death of a taxpayer, the return may be filed and signed by their spouse or representative. It is also necessary to indicate the date of death in the documents.
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