How to Get Form 8962: Premium Tax Credit without a Problem

If you are wondering how to get form 8962, perhaps the time has come to file the tax return. Not every taxpayer has to use this form. You may need it only if you have used the advanced premium tax credit via the Marketplace during a year. You need this information to apply for the premium tax credit for the next year. This tax form 8962 is often filled with form 1095-A information.

This premium tax credit form is used to calculate the PTC or premium tax credit number. You can also reconcile this number with the advance payments of PTC. Filling it at the end of the year, you can find out what income you had during the year. If you underestimate it, you probably have received too much during the year and you will need to repay it.

How to Get Form 8962

There are two different ways to get the federal tax form 8962, one of them is to use the IRS official website, and another is to stay here, using PDFLiner. Both of them are trustable and reliable. IRS is a good old classic, while PDFLiner is the tool that allows you to edit the document without any rush, and even create your electronic signature in no time. If you want to learn more on how to fill out form 8962, you can check the detailed guidance in a separate article.

The form is available for free. You don’t need to pay anything to get IRS form 8962. However, pay attention to the fact that it was created for advanced premium tax credit owners. If you have not taken it via the Marketplace during the last year, you don’t need to fill the form. If you have done it, you need to provide the information according to the form 8962 instructions, including the data from form 1095-A, with the rest of your tax returns information, until the deadline. It is recommended to save the copy of form 8962. You will need it to calculate your expenses or prove the information if it is required.


Read these the most popular questions about form 8962. Find out what is form 8962 used for, and how to receive it before you will start your search. Make sure you understand the requirements.
What is an 8962 form?
This is the form that must be filed to the IRS in case you have received the advanced premium credit tax through the Marketplace this year. It must be filled with the federal income tax return. You have to include the Obamacare numbers from form 1095-A if you used them.
Where to send form 8962?
This form must be filed to the Department of the Treasury Internal Revenue Service. It is an attachment to the tax return. You may send it together with 1040, 1040-SR, or 1040-NR. You may send it either electronically or via regular mail.
Can you get Form 8962 online?
You already know where to get form 8962 from the text above. You may get the form 8962 in the online version there as well. It can be downloaded either from IRS or PDFLiner.
Do I need to file Form 8962?
You have to file this form if you want to claim the premium tax credit on the tax return. You have to file it if you received PTC during the year. However, this form is rather an attachment to the tax return forms and is not necessary for everyone.
Printable Blank 8962 Form
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