How to Get Form 1065: Return of Partnership Income for Starters

If you were wondering what is form 1065, you might already have a Partnership, and you have to report the income to the IRS. This form is also called Return of Partnership Income. It is the best way to report the financial situation of your business to the IRS. There are no taxes for IRS form 1065. The partnership is considered to be a pass-through entity, so the earnings and losses go directly to the owners. If you need, you may attach Schedule K-1 to it. What is a K-1 form 1065? It is an attachment that provides information about individual members of the Partnership.

How to Get Form 1065

You can get form 1065 free of charge using one of two simple methods. The tax form 1065 is not really in popular demand, so not every catalog with forms contains it. Your main options to get this form are:

  • You can go to the IRS website and search for this form there. Afterward, you can download and print it. There is a Free File service provided by the Internal Revenue Service. Use it to send the form back to the officials.
  • Another option is to use PDFLiner. You don’t have to leave this website and page; press the name of the form, and it will be opened. You can fill it online, without downloading. The form does not require an e-signature, but if you need it, you can create one when completing the document.
If you want to know more about how to fill out Form 1065, you can read the detailed guide on this website. It contains comprehensive form 1065 instructions and describes the specifics of the document. Keep in mind that the form is normally used by Partnerships.


The section contains some popular questions about the form on the Internet. Read the answers as they might provide you with details about the 1065 form.
What is a 1065 form?
Form 1065 is the Return of Partnership Income document. It is made by representatives of the Partnership. The data inside it can help you to calculate your income, earnings, and expenditures inside the business. This information can be required by other members of the Partnership.
When is the form 1065 deadline?
The question of “when are 1065 due dates” bothers many people across the Web. It is March 15. You have to send the form to the IRS and your partners before this date. If you need to extend the time, you can ask the IRS for a delay of 6 months.
Can I e-file form 1065?
You can e-file this form. Looking for where to file 1065? If you want to send it online, download it through the Free File program developed by the IRS. If you want to send the paper version of the document, you have to use the services of the post offices and send it to the local IRS office.
Should I file form 1065 if I didn’t have any income?
The IRS has specific rules for this case. If you had no income and only expenses, you still have to file the return. Yet, if you did not have income and expenses, you wouldn’t be required to file the form.

Printable Blank IRS 1065 Form

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