How to Get Form 1040-ES: Tips for Taxpayers

Some taxpayers are wondering how to get form 1040-ES without searching for hours or paying extra fees. Don’t trust anyone who wants your money for the form. The 1040-ES estimated tax form is completely free of charge and available on the IRS and PDFLiner websites. It is also known as the estimated income tax form, and it must be filled by anyone who pays quarterly income tax. The form helps you calculate your taxes and pay them throughout the year. It comes alongside 1040 form but does not replace it. If you need to pay self-employment or income taxes, you can use this document.

How to Get Form 1040-ES?

If you are looking for how and where to get 1040-ES, you can find this form available on numerous websites. The most reliable way is to get it directly from the IRS official website. The form can be completed and sent right after you fill it. You can download it for free, keep it on your device, or just fill the form online and send it directly. Since you may need the information from the last year, you can keep all the data on your computer so that you will use it later. You should scroll down several pages of instructions to see the form you need to fill. Many taxpayers have benefited from the knowledge of these instructions, so don’t hesitate to use them for every section.

Another place you can find the form is here, on the PDFLiner website. Our service offers you this form for free with a detailed guide on how to fill out a 1040-ES. You will find the information you need in the article dedicated to the peculiarities of filling the form. PDFLiner offers 1040-ES instructions that are understandable, collected in one place, and can be easily followed even if you have never filed any tax forms before. After you read the instructions, just press the button and enter the form.


Read the popular questions users ask the most about the form 1040-ES. You may find them useful:
What is a 1040-ES?
The 1040-ES form is an estimated tax form that you have to provide to the IRS. The form contains quarterly tax payment information for the current year. It is filled by independent contractors, freelancers, S corporations, partnerships, and LLC who receive more than $1000 in tax income yearly.
Where to send 1040-ES?
The IRS 1040-ES must be filled and sent to the IRS headquarter. You can send it by email or regular mail. You can also fill the form online. The main request is to fill and send it before the quarterly deadline you have.
Do I need to file 1040-ES?
You don’t need to file this form unless you pay estimated taxes. If you delay the payments and send the form, you receive penalties. The form helps you to calculate your annual taxes as well.
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