How to Get a 1099-MISC Form: Top Safe Ways

In general, all the variants of the 1099 form are used to prepare and file information about different types of your income. The 1099 form has a few options, and the 1099-MISC form is one of them. This document is used to provide details about your miscellaneous earnings.

Ways of Getting the 1099-MISC Form

In case you are a freelancer or independent contractor, you will receive the form for every client who paid you more than $600. As an employer, you’ll have to fill out the form for such independent contractors for whom you paid more than $600. You should also report the Information about miscellaneous compensation like healthcare payments, prizes, or rent in this form.

In this article, we’ll discuss how to get a 1099-MISC form and what to do with it afterward. We’ll also answer the most common questions about the 1099 forms and 1099-MISC in particular.

If you’re an employer and have to fill out a 1099-MISC form for employees, you might wonder where to find and how to get a 1099 form. The first way is to download a 1099 form from the IRS website. There, you’ll also find all of the recent versions of online tax forms.

Another way to get the 1099 form online is to address the nearby accounting firm. You can also ask for some professional help with filing and filling it out.

However, some online document management services like PDFLiner offer a much simpler way to get the form. Such an online solution allows you to fill out, edit, and sign PDFs, providing access to its library with lots of legal forms. Therefore, you can get and fill out the blank copy of form 1099-MISC in the same place.

As you might face some difficulties when filling out the form, there is detailed information on how to fill out the 1099-MISC form on PDFLiner. So you can easily get a 1099-MISC form to file it today.


In this section, we provide the answers to the most common questions about the 1099-MISC form.
What is a 1099-MISC?
1099-MISC is also called Miscellaneous Income. This form is used to provide information about non-employee compensations.
Who is required to receive 1099?
All of the non-employees and independent contractors should receive 1099-MISC. Therefore, if you are a freelancer and got paid more than $600, you are required to receive this form.
How much tax do I pay on my 1099 tax form?
If you receive 1099-MISC, it doesn’t mean that you are obliged to pay taxes on that amount of money. For instance, you can have some offsetting deduction, or the income (a part or all of it) can be protected.
Do I have to file a 1099-MISC form?
In case you received more than $600 as a non-employee (a freelancer or an independent contractor), your employer will create a 1099 form and send it to you and the IRS. You are to use the information from this form for your tax return.

Get Your Tax Forms with Ease

With the detailed instructions above, there’s nothing difficult in getting 1099-MISC. Whether you find it on the IRS website or using the document management websites, like PDFLiner, these ways are both simple, secure, and easy to follow.

Printable Blank Form 1099-MISC

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