How to Get a 1040 Form: Quick Guide and Tips

The IRS 1040 form is perhaps one of the few documents that almost every US citizen is required to fill out annually. It is also called Individual Income Tax Return, and it reflects your earnings for the reporting period and the calculation of the corresponding taxes. It is a relatively short document, so you should also use one of the six applications if you have additional earnings. In this article, you will learn more about what this form is, where you can find its fillable version, and how to submit it.

How Do I Get a 1040 Form

Until recently, this tax form had several varieties, depending on the income of taxpayers. Now the previous 1040 templates have been replaced by a single paper, to which different schedules can be attached if necessary. You can get the fillable document from the official IRS website, as well as the attachments and schedules. There you can also see the basic recommendations for filling it.

Alternatively, you can use the PDFLiner service and fill out the paper using the convenient online editor. It contains all the tools you need to fill out and sign PDF templates online, and its interface is simple enough for even a novice user to figure it out. If you need advice on how to fill out form 1040, you will find short and straightforward guidelines.

Now that you know where to get the 1040 form, you can choose the way that suits you best. The revenue service also offers two options for submitting documents. You can either use a paper template and send it to an address in your state (see the list on the IRS website) or e-file it using approved software. The second option is simpler, more convenient, and that is why the tax service recommends it.


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What is IRS 1040?
It is a tax document used by US citizens to declare income and calculate taxes due. You must complete it every year and submit a copy of your 1040 form to the IRS no later than April 15th.
How to find income tax on 1040?
Income tax is calculated in several stages. First, you should indicate your total income for the year, deduct AGIs and itemized deductions, and then calculate the tax liability.
Who must file Form 1040?
Almost all US citizens who have income must complete this document annually. The IRS provides detailed charts that describe the taxpayer categories for which this form is required.
Can I get 1040 online?
Of course, you can obtain the 1040 Form online. It's the most convenient way to fill out and submit almost all tax documents. You can find fillable blanks on the IRS site or services such as PDFLiner.
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