How to Fill Out W-2 Form in 2021

While the whole procedure of completing this document does not take much time, many taxpayers are still wondering how to fill out the W-2 form. In the meantime, you can’t just leave this form unnoticed. It is necessary to file during the annual tax day. The form itself looks simple; however, it requires specific information you have to provide.

What Is a W-2 Form?

W-2 is an IRS form that many people know as the Wage and Tax Statement. This is the report of the income an employee received during the prior year. The document also includes information about the tax amount that the employer withheld from the employee. Usually, employers have to send their employees this form in January, during the annual tax calculations. The copy goes directly to the IRS. Employees have to use this form while filing tax returns.

The form is provided by an employer who paid $600 or more to the employee during the year. W-2 is often confused with the W-4 form, which is the clarification form for employers about the withheld taxes in paycheck during the pay period. If you want to learn how to get W-2 online, there is a detailed article in our blog about it.

How to fill out a W-2 form?

Before you begin the filling procedure, it is recommended to read a W-2 form and make sure you have all the details about your employee that are needed. You can always check out the form via the PDFLiner. This program is one of the most comfortable to use because it allows you to fill in documents online, guiding you from one section to another.
It is essential to provide accurate information while you file W-2. This form is made to receive the data about your business identification, employee, taxable wages of an employee, withheld taxes from employee wages, and various benefits that impact taxes. You need to cover the next boxes:

  • Box A: Include your SSN;
  • Box B is for the EIN;
  • Box C requires your name, address, and ZIP code if you are an employer;
  • Box D can be left blank if your business does not use the control number;
  • Boxes E and F are for information about an employee, including the name and address;
  • Box 1 is for the amount of money paid in wages and tips for the employee;
  • Box 2 provides information of Federal income tax withheld;
  • Box 3 is for Social Security wages;
  • Box 4 is for Social Security tax withheld;
  • Box 5 is for various wages and tips of Medicare;
  • Box 6 contains information on withheld Medicare tax;
  • Box 7 is for Social Security tips;
  • Box 8 is for allocated tips;
  • Box 9 is blank;
  • Box 10 is for dependent care benefits;
  • Box 11 is for nonqualified plans;
  • Box 12 is for codes you may need to put on the form of your employee;
  • Box 13 includes checkboxes you have to mark if they match with the particular situation;
  • Box 14 contains other information like vehicle lease payments or disability insurance;
  • Box 15 identifies the State/Employer’s ID;
  • Box 16 is for the state wages and tips;
  • Box 17 is for the state income tax;
  • Box 18 provides information on local wages and tips;
  • Box 19 is for the local income tax;
  • Box 20 is the last one and contains the name of the city or your location.

How to sign a W-2 form?

Nowadays, you don’t have to leave your office/apartment to print the form. While as an employer, you can’t file for taxes without W-2, you can add an electronic signature instead of a classic pen and paper one. According to US law, your electronic signature can be accepted as authentic and considered as the classic one.
There are multiple programs you can use to create your signature; however, you don’t have to go that far, as PDFLiner also offers you an easy way to do it. There is a button “Sign” you can use to type your name and turn it into the handwritten signature. You can read the details in another article in our blog.

How to file W-2?

The IRS has strict rules for this form. You have to send it to them and the employee you have. Employers must complete it and file by January 31, or they will have to pay penalties. By the first week of February, this form must also be in the hands of the employee. Employers can send this form electronically to the employees. You may also file the form online to the IRS.

If you quit the job several months ago, the ex-employer still has to send the form to you not earlier than January 31. If you ask for a W-2 form for a new job, your employer can send it to you earlier. However, you still need to inform them about it 30 days before the deadline. The IRS offers you to file this form on their official website and send it directly to them while downloading the copy to send to employees. You can do this via the official website.


Here are the most popular questions about this form. Check them out before you begin to complete the document. Make sure that all the information is understandable for you.
How to get a copy of a W-2?
You have to ask your employer about the copy of the W-2 form if you still did not receive it till the middle of February. Usually, employers send copies of this form to employees electronically, so you have to check your email. You can also ask the IRS to provide you the form. If you are an employer, you can download the W-2 form from the PDFLiner website or directly from the IRS. You don’t need to pay anything to receive the form.
How to get W-2 from a previous employer?
Your previous employer is obliged to provide this form even if you have quit the job several months before. The ex-employer still has to wait until January 31 before they can file the document. You can ask for the document earlier, and it must be sent to you in 30 days.
How to find AGI on W-2?
You can’t find the AGI number on the W-2 form. If you want to find out your Adjusted Gross Income, calculate it using the 1040 form. It will include the amount of money from W-2, though, apart from other data.
When should you get your W-2?
As an employer, you can download a W-2 document whenever you want, but to file it close to January 31, when you have to send the already completed document to the IRS. As an employee, you can expect the document in the first days of February. Usually, the employer sends the copy to an employee at the same time it was sent to the IRS. The deadlines are strict when it comes to the tax forms, so make sure not to miss anything.
How to fill out a W-2 if you are married?
Your marital status doesn’t have an impact on filling out this document. However, the employer needs to provide the information about the dependent care benefits they paid to you in the Box 10 of the form. Everything over the $5000 must be declared in Box 1. If you are married but file the document separately, the sum is $2500 and over.
How much do you have to make to fill out a W-2?
This form must be provided by the employer to an employee in case the employer paid at least $600 to this person during the year. You can also receive this form if your taxes were withheld from your employer. The amount of money withheld is not important in this case.
How to find an employer identification number without W-2?
If you don’t have your employer identification number or EIN on your documents, you need to find it out. You have to call the employer first and ask for it. If your employer somehow refuses to give this information, you have to contact the IRS directly. They will provide the instructions for you.
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