How to Fill Out Form 1095-A: Detailed Instructions

You have to know how to fill out Form 1095-A if you or your family members had the Marketplace plan during the year. It must be sent to the IRS before the middle of February. You will see the statement available in your account at Check it in the beginning or middle of January.

What is a 1095-A

The 1095A tax form is necessary to have in case you want to buy health insurance from the government marketplaces. This practice was created by the Affordable Care Act, known as Obamacare. Usually, this form is sent to you by healthcare exchange, and you don’t have to fill it. After the purchase of the insurance is complete, you receive the filled form. After that, all you need to do is to attach Obamacare 1095 A form to the other income taxes you send to the IRS.

The form is necessary for anyone who uses the government Marketplace health insurance plan. You receive it from the Marketplace and can check out how much you’ve paid for it from your pocket. This information must be re-sent to the IRS before the deadline. If you want to know how to get form 1095-A in detail, you can read it in the other article, dedicated completely to this question. Use the information in the document to fill out Form 8962, in case you need Premium Tax Credit.

Who should use Form 1095-A

According to the official form 1095a instructions, this document must be sent and used only by individuals that are enrolled in the health plan of Health Insurance Marketplace. If you don’t have the Obamacare plan, you will simply not receive the report on your insurance spending in the middle of January every year.

You will have to send a copy of the information to the IRS, together with your tax report. If you want to receive the Premium Tax Credit, you will have to attach the information from 1095-A to the 8962 form. This way you will be able to reconcile the credit on returns with advance payments from the credit.

How to fill out Form 1095-A

The already filled original form is available at your account. Use the information from there to send the marketplace form 1095 A at the IRS website. You may find it easier to file the form using PDFLiner since you will be guided on every step. Basic recommendations:

  • Enter the state number of Marketplace in the 1st line;
  • Write down the Marketplace assigned number to the policy in line 2;
  • Write down the issuer name;
  • Write down the name of the recipient, the SSN, and date of birth in lines 4, 5, and 6;
  • Lines 7, 8, and 9 are for information about the spouse of the recipient if there is one. No matter whether there were advance credit payments made for spouse’s coverage or not, you have to provide this information;
  • The date of coverage must be stated in line 10;
  • Line 11 is for the termination date;
  • Lines 12, 13, 14, 15 must contain the address and details of the recipient.
The second part of the form is about the covered individuals. Lines from 16 to 20 contain detailed information about people who receive the insurance under the same policy as the tax family.
The third part of the document required the data on every month of the coverage. You have to fill this information in lines from 21 to 32. The 33rd line is for the total amount.
You have to submit this form electronically to the IRS. This will be the copy of the form sent to you by the Health Care officials. Before you send it, you need to check the information on it. Make sure that everything is in its proper place. The information will be submitted via the Department of Health and Human Services Data Services Hub. If you want to use the information for another form, keep the document open.

How to file the 1095-A form

If you are wondering when will I receive my 1095-A, you have to check your account. Usually, the information is available at the beginning or in the middle of January. You have to send a copy of this document to the IRS by the middle of February. All you need to do after you receive the form is to check whether it reveals the exact numbers and fill the lines in the Form 1095-A online variant on the IRS website. You can do it via the PDFLiner and after that just send it to the IRS. The document is usually filed with other tax return information.


Check out these questions about the 1095-A document. You may find the answers you were looking for. Make sure you’ve understood the basic requirements.
What should I do if I did not receive 1095-A?
Don’t panic. If you did not receive the document, you may need to wait until the middle of January. You may not receive push-up notifications, and you have to check your account on the website manually every day. If you purchased the coverage via the Marketplace, and you still did not receive it on time, you have to contact the Marketplace.
What if I have two 1095-A forms?
If you have two or more forms 1095-A, don’t worry. Add all the sums together from all the forms you’ve received and enter the total number on form 8962, in line 11. It is the number of the enrollments premiums in the year that also includes the one that was paid by the Advance Premium Tax Credit.
Do I need Form 1095-A to file my taxes?
Many people are wondering do I need 1095 to file my taxes since the answer is not the same for everyone. If you don’t have the Marketplace plan for the last year, you don’t need to file the form to the IRS. However, if you or people in your household used Health Insurance Marketplace Statement you have to add this information to the tax return and send it to the IRS by the end of February. However, this form does not cover all the expenses, and you have to use the forms that are required from you as well.
What if I don't file Form 1095-A?
If you decide not to file the return, it will cause a significant delay in the refund you receive and can also affect the advance credit payments in the future. You have to receive this form filled by your Marketplace at first. If you have problems with that, contact the officials.
What form should be filed with 1095-A?
You have to file your tax return data as well. This form is rather an attachment. If you need to receive Premium Tax Credit reconciliation, you can complete form 8962, using form 1095-A information.
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