How to Fill Out a 1040-X Form: All You Need to Know

We know that you need quick help on how to fill out a 1040-X form and you will find it here. Learn what this form actually is to ensure that it’s really the one you need in your situation. In short words, it will help you correct, delete, or add information on your submitted standard Form 1040. More on that below.

What is an Amended Tax Return

Form 1040-X or the Amended Tax Return has the legal power to replace your submitted Form 1040 in case it includes any mistakes or doesn’t include the information about all your income received during the reported year. For example, your W-2 or Form 1099 could get lost in your fat documents folder or you suddenly receive a message that your child is claimed as your dependent after divorce. Form 1040-X lets you submit a tax amendment to prevent any questions from the IRS.

There’s no need to file this form to fix your math mistakes, though. All the calculations are thoroughly checked by computers and they fix math errors automatically. Use it only if you know that you overlooked something and must inform the IRS about that.

If you don’t have a copy yet and want to figure out how to get Form 1040-X latest version, you will like our quick guide on that for sure!

How to Fill Out a 1040-X Form

Here are detailed step-by-step IRS Form 1040-X instructions. Be attentive and you won’t have difficulties.

  1. Select the year of the tax return you want to amend at the top of the 1st page.
  2. If you are married filing jointly, enter your and your spouse’s full names, SSNs, and detailed address.
  3. Select the right amended return status.
4. Lines 1-5, Income and Deductions – provide the original amount, the net change amount, and the correct amount. Don’t do anything if you don’t need to make amendments here.
5. Lines 6-11, Tax Liability – do the same as in lines 1-5 and complete all the calculations.
6. Lines 12-17, Payments – here you have to recalculate all the payments you made.
7. Lines 18-23, Refund or Amount You Owe – do the calculations to figure out the amount you owe or the right amount of the refund.
On page 2, you have to complete 3 parts:

  • Part I, Exemptions and Dependents – here you have to claim all dependents you haven’t claimed in the original return and recalculate the exemptions.
  • Part II, Presidential Election Campaign Fund – check the preferred option if you or your spouse haven’t donated $3 to the election campaign fund, but want to do it now.
  • Part III, Explanation of Changes – this is probably the most important part as you have to explain all the changes you submit in clear words. Claim the supporting documents in the explanation and make sure to attach them all when filing.
When all the fields are filled, check the form twice, fix mistakes if needed, and sign the form together with your spouse and/or the aid preparer. Don’t forget to put the date of signing and claim your and your spouse’s occupation. If you file online, check the e-signature options below.

Keep an electronic and a printed copy of the form in your archive.

Want to use your knowledge on how to amend taxes right away? You can fill out 1040X online on PDFLiner. This platform provides the full range of features needed for filling out the form properly. Here you can insert text fields, sign the form online in different ways, and store the completed form on PDFLiner’s secure encrypted cloud. You can also edit the form simultaneously from different locations and devices with your spouse or personal accountant if needed.

How to File an Amended Tax Return

Now, let’s learn how to file the 1040X form properly. If you are filing an electronic copy, you can e-file your form to the IRS. Any authorized e-file provider can help you with that. This option is preferred as it lets you deliver the amended tax return to the IRS inspector immediately.

Where to mail form 1040-X

If you are submitting a printed copy, you have to file your Ammended `tax Return to the same local IRS Service Center that has your original Form 1040. Here’s the full list of mailing addresses by state. Don’t forget to include all the 1099 and W-2 forms that belong to the amendments you made. They must be attached to the front of the 1040-X copy.

The amended tax return deadline

You have 3 years to file 1040-X after the date you filed the original copy of your 1040. If you already paid the tax, you have to file the amended tax return within 2 years after the date.

How to Sign a 1040-X Form

If you decided to file your amended return online without printing it for signing, you can do it securely right on PDFLiner. You can use any of the provided methods, whichever looks more convenient.

  1. While in the editor, click the “Add Sign” button in the upper left corner;
  2. Click “Add Signature” in the pop-up window;
3. Choose one of the 4 offered methods (Generate, draw, upload, or capture);
4. Place the signature in the “Sign Here” section on the 2nd page. You can do the same for your spouse’s and paid preparer’s signatures.
For more details on how to sign form 1040-X online, read our detailed step-by-step guide.


Have more questions? We got you covered!
When to file a 1040-X form?
You have 3 years from the original return submission date and 2 years from the date you paid the tax to refile federal tax.
Should I amend my tax return before I get my refund?
IRS recommends cashing the refund check from the original return and refile taxes with 1040-X afterward.
Can a 1040-X be e-filed?
Yes, the IRS enabled this option in August 2020.
How long does it take to get an amended tax return check?
It takes up to 16 weeks for amended returns to proceed. Wait for the check within this period.
Do I need to send W-2 with an amended return?
Attach your W-2 to the form of 1040-X or just attach a digital copy if you use the e-file submission.

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