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Seeking the best e-signature solution? DocuSign might be just the ticket. It’s hugely popular due to its reliability and versatility. With DocuSign, you can say ‘buh-bye’ to administrative chores like scanning and faxing. In this post, we’ve sifted through 8 top-notch e-signature services, analyzed their pricing plans, and compared them to the DocuSign pricing details. We hope it’ll pretty much answer your ‘how does DocuSign work’ question. Read on for more info on the cost of DocuSign and its superb alternatives.

DocuSign Free Plan & Alternative Services

Only a few services that we’ve studied offer free subscription plans. All of them, however, offer a free trial, granting the possibility to test-drive their services. Is DocuSign free? Well, not entirely. DocuSign does offer a free plan to their users. By making the most of the DocuSign free edition, you can sign as many files as you need and make simple adjustments to them, as well as send up to 3 docs per month for digital signature.

The free-of-charge DocuSign plan, however, does not offer the necessary features for experienced subscribers. So, advanced functionality like bulk mailing or in-person signature management aren’t accessible. While the free DocuSign pricing plan is pretty limited, all you need is a DocuSign account to lay your hands on it. At the end of the day, it’s good to know you can extensively run the service through its paces and get answers to your non-stop ‘DocuSign how to use’ queries prior to making any payments. By the way, you can also make the most of the DocuSign free trial for 30 days prior to making a purchase.

With regard to the best digital signature platform that offers an extensive free trial, PDFLiner is definitely worth singling out. The PDFLiner pricing plans are appealing, while its 10-day trial version grants you the possibility to broadly explore the service in a no-strings-attached way before committing to any of its paid pricing offers. High-quality service and smart subscription plans. PDFLiner truly stands out among the rest solutions when it comes to these vital benefits.

Docusing Personal (Basic) Plan & Alternative Services

This selection of subscription plans caters to independent contractors and small company owners with simple usage demands and a regular signing procedure. With regard to the DocuSign price quality ratio in terms of its free edition and Personal plan, the differences between the two are pretty subtle. A few major exceptions should be mentioned, though: reusable templates and a larger quantity of sent files.

Now, the two second-best services in terms of the price quality ratio are SignRequest and PDFLiner. The former runs $9 monthly (Professional plan), while the latter (Basic plan) costs $5 per month. The SignRequest professional plan offers 5 reusable templates and a limitless number of docs to sign. The PDFLiner Basic plan comes with the possibility to edit your PDFs the way you see fit and share them with multiple recipients.

Now, as for other DocuSign alternatives and the perks of their basic plans, PandaDoc boasts top-level customer service and a fine document library. HelloSign provides data validation to assist their users in ensuring that the information indicated in each document or field is 100% accurate. With regard to the SignRequest basic plan (Professional), it even comes with a close-to-exclusive custom branding perk.

Best Offers at This Point

  • Best price for a great number of goodies: PDFLiner.
  • Best offer in terms of the number of docs per month: SignRequest.
  • Best offer in terms of the dedicated mobile app: DocuSign and SignNow.
  • Premium customer service: PandaDoc.
  • Top-notch data verification tool: HelloSign.

Best Plan at This Point: SignRequest and PDFLiner

The best plan at this point is determined by your personal requests and preferences. If you’re aimed at in-person signatures only, then SignRequest (or DocuSign) is your best bet. However, if you’re on the hunt for a broader selection of tools, PDFLiner is doubtlessly the best choice for you.

DocuSign Standard (Professional) Plan & Alternative Services

The DocuSign cost for the middle-tier Standard subscription is $25. This subscription plan caters to smaller companies and lacks the possibility to integrate with CRMs. Personalized branding, however, is offered within the Standard DocuSign subscription plan. Other e-signature services offer it, too, at this particular point.

The most significant lift in limitations on this plan is related to the quantity of sendable files. DocuSign users get to send only five documents within the Personal subscription plan, while the Standard plan allows for up to 100 envelopes annually (up to 9 mailed on a monthly basis).

With regard to the DocuSign alternatives, their approach within their Standard (Pro) plans is very similar. The most noticeable highlights are related to the SignNow and SignEasy e-signature services. The former offers unlimited file mailing, while the latter comes with payment gateways and the possibility to purchase via bank cards.

Best Offers at This Point

  • Personalized branding: DocuSign and SignNow.
  • High volume document sending: SignRequest.
  • Best price quality ratio: PDFLiner.
  • Priority customer support via email and chat: SignEasy.

Best Plan at This Point: SignRequest

Seeking a reliable integration with a solid CRM for business? The SignRequest Business plan is your best bet. At a monthly payment of $12 (which is even cheaper than PDFLiner’s excellent pro perks), you get a powerful e-signature solution at a very appealing price. On an additional plus side, you also get unlimited teams, unlimited sending, and multiple file sending options within this fine SignRequest subscription plan.

DocuSing Business Pro (Premium) Plan & Alternative Services

Aside from their personalized customization solutions, the Business Pro plan is as refined and feature-packed as DocuSign subscribers can get. This plan is created to deal with the most frequent corporate requirements. Therefore, its functionality set comes with all the tools a small to medium company owner needs.

At this point, you may want to concentrate on the per-subscriber price. This is especially wise if you’re intending to access the service with some of your colleagues or partners. With the DocuSign Business Pro plan, you’re welcome to engage in gathering payments, utilizing shared fields, managing signer attachments, and sorting out in-person signatures.

As for the DocuSign alternatives, just like DocuSign, they offer their advanced features for the higher price. The PDFLiner Pro plan, for instance, allows you to use the service with up to 5 people simultaneously. PandaDoc offers CRM integrations, while SignNow promises bulk file sending, unlimited templates, and personalized branding.

Best Offers at This Point

  • Multiple CRM integrations: PandaDoc.
  • Collect payments, multiple file mailing, in-person file signing: DocuSign.
  • Up to ten users online: SignNow.
  • Best bang for your buck: PDFLiner

Best Plan at This Point: PDFLiner

Overall, it would be fair to outline PDFLiner as the best service at the Business (Premium) level. It’s not perfect, of course (what is?). But it comes with a solid selection of top-notch business-oriented features, as well as the most reasonable price tag — that very delish icing on the cake you can never resist. So, in this context, the fact that you’ll want to switch from DocuSign to PDFLiner is more than natural.

Stay With the Best Service For Your Needs

At the end of the day, the choice of the most suitable e-signature service is only up to you. We can only hope that this post answers your ‘how much is DocuSign’ question, as well as aids you in determining your utmost priorities and taking some solid action upon it. When it comes to our personal favorites, DocuSign and PDFLiner are the absolute winners.

Still curious about DocuSign and can’t stop Googling stuff like ‘DocuSign license’ or ‘DocuSign signing order’? Or, perhaps, the DocuSign add user issue is what worries you the most at this very instant? Get in touch with our pros with your questions or suggestions as soon as possible. We’ll get back to you with answers to your burning questions or cover the topics you’re interested in in our next posts.
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