Convert Images to PDF Files: 5 Best Tools to Choose From

JPG, PNG, and PDF — these digital file types are exceedingly popular. However, there may come a moment when you will want to convert JPG to PDF or convert PNG to PDF online. Are you on the prowl for the most feature-rich services for converting JPG to PDF? We’ve got you covered. Read on to discover some of the best tools to transform image files to PDF docs.

PDFLiner: Converting PNG to PDF Online Made Easy

Looking to convert a PNG file to PDF? PDFLiner is a fantastic online platform where you get to easily find, create, edit, convert, and merge various file formats. No need to install any additional software on your PC, the service is accessible right from your favorite browser! 

The possibility to transform image files (JPGs and PNGs) to PDFs is one of PDFLiner’s multiple features. This gem of a tool allows you to convert JPG to PDF files and vice versa with outstanding ease and speed. The quality of file conversion is solid, no errors or losses of any kind noticed. 

Furthermore, via PDFLiner, you get to find the required file template in nearly any field you need (insurance, real estate, healthcare, tax & finance, etc.), edit it, e-sign it, and share it with as many people as you want. The service allows you to try it out for free for 10 days before making a purchase. Going paperless with PDFLiner has never been easier, more time-saving, and business-boosting.

  • 10-day free trial is up for grabs;
  • straightforward, fast, and safe tool;
  • top-level drag-and-drop interface;
  • excellent privacy policies;
  • no need to install any heavy ‘bloatware’ on your PC.

SmallPDF: Convert Images to PDF Online

SmallPDF is a cloud-based service that grants you the possibility to seamlessly transform your JPG and PNG files to PDFs. In addition to this, SmallPDF is a treasure trove of other handy PDF-oriented features, such as PDF compression, editing, merging, and splitting.

SmallPDF is an intuitive tool that converts images to PDF files like a champ. All you gotta do to start the process is upload your image, adjust it to your liking, and hit ‘Create PDF Now’. The service removes the docs you’ve uploaded from their server right after you finish processing them.

You get to make the most of this awesome tool for free, but the quantity of processable files in this case is restricted. To unlock the limitless access to the service’s features and batch-transform your PDFs, you’re going to have to get the premium subscription plan.

  • the free trial is up for grabs;
  • intuitive, feature-packed, and secure file editing tool;
  • available straight from your browser;
  • allows you to easily e-sign and share your docs;
  • responsive customer support.

Foxit PhantomPDF: Convert From PNG to PDF and Vice Versa

Foxit has been creating PDF-friendly software for nearly 20 years already. The most recent version of their PhantomPDF tool offers a wide array of functions for transforming images to PDF files and vice versa. You get to run the tool through its paces for 14 days prior to deciding whether you want to purchase it or not.

Aside from the possibility to ‘metamorphose’ images to PDFs, Foxit PhantomPDF allows you to design, edit, comment, share, e-sign, and share your PDFs with others. The service is sophisticatedly easy and satisfying in both the interface and user-friendliness. Working between multiple files with PhantomPDF is a cakewalk.

Foxit PhantomPDF is a comprehensive PDF solution that handles multiple languages and boasts supreme security features. The PhantomPDF software also comes with a web version where you get to convert PNG to PDF free online. The fact that this cloud-based version is free is very satisfying, yet it lacks some handy perks of the PhantomPDF paid desktop subscription plan. 

  • full-featured and versatile;
  • extensive language support;
  • exceptionally easy to use;
  • great bang for your buck.

PDFElement: Superb PDF Management Solution

Can’t stop bombarding Google with queries like ‘convert images to PDF files’ or ‘PNG to PDF online convert’? We’ve got you covered. Give PDFElement a go and you’ll instantly fall in love with its fantastic PDF editing functionality.

Along with the possibility to convert between a slew of file formats, PDFElement also allows you to edit your PDFs once they’re converted. With this tool, you get to digitally e-sign your documents and share them with as many recipients as you choose.

The service’s Standard subscription plan comes with lots of handy functions. If you’re particularly interested in OCR support and batch processing, then you’re going to need to focus on their Pro plan right away. Overall, PDFElement is a powerful PDF conversion and editing tool.

  • clean, user-friendly interface;
  • the possibility to edit docs easily and seamlessly;
  • high-quality conversion to PDF and other file types;
  • excellent batch processing possibilities;
  • OCR support (optical characters recognition).

Soda PDF: Amazing Selection of PDF Tools

Whether you’re on the hunt for a solid online or desktop PDF management tool, Soda PDF is right up your street. Granting you the possibility to work both from the cloud and the desktop, Soda PDF is a fine tool for converting your images to PDF files, as well as processing a multitude of further edits. The service is not the cheapest out there, but it comes with some really handy perks.

JPG to PDF transformation with this tool is exceedingly easy and speedy. With Soda PDF, you can also combine your PDFs into a single PDF file or work up separate PDFs for each image you’re converting. At the end of the day, this tool saves your heaps of time and helps you focus on the most vital function of your business (bringing in the money).

  • boasts both cloud-based and offline versions;
  • impressive working speed;
  • top-notch PDF editing tools;
  • the possibility to pay only for the features you need;
  • OCR support.

Ready to Make the Right Choice?

If you intend to convert multiple images to PDF files on a regular basis, then you should focus on the services that offer batch conversion. Looking for that smart feature that scans your images for text that you can later edit in your converted PDF files? Make sure you opt for a PDF management solution with OCR support. If you already have a go-to PDF converter, you’re welcome to share it with your fellow-readers in the comment section below. Your feedback is greatly appreciated.
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