Where to Find Fillable PDF Forms: The Best 5 Options

We all need to fill out a standard form every now and then. It can be anything: a job application, car insurance or a Form 1040 to get the tax return.

Luckily you don’t need to make one yourself. There are specialized resources that let you download a template and add text to a PDF in just a few clicks. We’ve prepared a selection of Top 5 resources with free PDF forms for you.


PDFLiner is, by far, the best resource that lets you download standard forms of all sorts, edit them and add text to a PDF online. Plus, it has an amazing navigation system that helps you find a needed form pronto.

Simply click on the Top 100 forms — odds are you will find a doc that you need in the first lines. Or browse the categories:

  • Insurance.
  • Real Estate
  • Tax & Finance.
  • Human resources, etc.

  • Besides, there’s an A-Z category where you’ll find every US legal form in existence: from a passport renewal application to California traffic accident report.
Plus, PDFLiner provides detailed guides and tips on how to fill the most popular forms and gives you editing tools. You don’t need to worry about how to add text in PDF files issue anymore!

You can add text to a PDF on Mac, Windows, Linux, Android or any other platform. Simply upload the document, type in all necessary info, e-sign it and voilà: it can be submitted, printed, etc.


  • Online editing;
  • Tips & prompts;
  • Encryption & security;
  • A gazillion of fillable forms;
  • Extra premium features: group work, drawing, etc.


USA.gov is a whole hub of legal forms brought to you by the US government. There is an extensive storage of various docs from A to Z: Access board, Bankruptcy courts, Weather Service, and so forth.

However, the GUI is a bit cluttered with numerous subcategories. And seemingly, adding text field to PDF online isn’t an option here — you may need a text editor like MS Office, Dropbox Paper or Apache OpenOffice.

At least, you can submit many applications and reports right via the site and even contact the American authorities by topic. Plus, there are a few other useful features, such as Unemployment help, Find a job, Money & Taxes, etc.


  • Quick submission;
  • Helpful categories;
  • A hub of legal forms.


Another government-run resource, Grants provides submission forms, through which you can request financial support from the state for a certain cause: scientific research, volunteer organization, charity, education, etc.

Here, adding text to the PDF documents — grant applications — is an option. And there’s a whole caboodle of them under the Forms category. Additionally, you can subscribe to their newsletter, apply/search for a grant, learn about conditions, etc.


  • Fillable PDF forms;
  • Exhaustive grant info;
  • Programs & campaigns.


Everybody has to fill tax forms, so the IRS may be the best place to find them. Basically, there’s every money-related legal doc on their monstrous server: from Individual tax return to Employee’s withholding certificate.

They are available as PDF forms with blank spaces, in which you just need to insert the necessary info. However, the IRS is a bit stingy on giving out free functionality: you can’t add a text box to a PDF online here.


  • Laconic GUI;
  • Instructions & tips;
  • Every single tax/finance form is here.


PDFFiller is a handy little helper that allows you to both download ready forms or build custom ones. You can use them for paperless doc transactions. And there are various types to use: medical, business, real estate, etc.

A major downside is that PDFFiller has only a time-limited free trial. And if you want to continue using its neat services, subscription is imminent.


  • Ready & custom forms;
  • Online editing;
  • Nice website.

PDF Hunt

Our selection will help you fill out and submit forms like a pro. Have you dealt with any of these resources before? How convenient, easy and effective it was? Which way do you personally prefer: editing documents online or on your own computer? Share your experience with us!


How to find where the fillable part is on a PDF form?
Yes, but it's painstaking. You will need a special software like Adobe Acrobat or Jotform. Also, if it’s an official form, you can by mistake mess its structure up and it will end up discarded.
Can I create a fillable form myself?
Yes, but it's painstaking. You will need a special software like Adobe Acrobat or Jotform. Also, if it’s an official form, you can by mistake mess its structure up and it will end up discarded.
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