Best Online Tools to Add Text to PDF

Sometimes you need to quickly edit a PDF file you have received. It may only require a few lines or even words – an easy task to do with specialized software. But what if you cannot or don’t want to install anything? You can add text to a PDF online, with minimum effort, on these sites.

1. PDFLiner

It’s one of the most advanced tools for editing Acrobat files. The algorithm of how to add text in pdf files is simple. Press the red button to upload the files, and soon it will open in a web editor similar to the desktop Acrobat version. It’s great if you, say, want to add text to PDF on Mac and Windows the same way.

PDFLiner has one of the most advanced online editors. Not only can you add text to PDF with it, but also add fillable text box to PDF, draw, sign, erase, black, or whatever. It also features a decent navigation panel that makes working with larger documents way easier.
In addition, PDFLiner is a great help in finding forms and filling them right there. A special attention is paid to taxation: there are both forms themselves and instructions and tips on them. More and more forms are added constantly, along with other helpful tools, like a tax calendar. Last but not least: there is a built-in PDF search engine for finding forms, instructions, and other public PDF documents beyond PDFLiner as well.

  • A familiar online editor
  • Lots of forms
  • Tax calendar and other tips for taxpayers
  • Detailed instructions right where you need them
  • PDF search engine

2. Sejda

Similar to PDFLiner, this online editor is also great if you just need to add text to PDF or do other minor edits. Its built-in editor is rather swift, though some may dislike it for missing a navigation panel and not so easy navigation overall. It looks like a website rather than a desktop app. Still, it’s decent for working on, say, tablets. Of course, Sejda is available wherever a decent web browser is.

Free edits are limited. When you reach the limit, Sejda suggests you pay to subscribe. But if you only need to add a text box to a pdf once or twice a month, free access is enough. If you do it a lot, though, subscription pays, as it lets you upload large files for processing, access files from various devices and share them easier.

  • Quick file processing
  • Fullscreen editor
  • Shortcuts for the most popular PDF operations
  • Large file processing (in paid version)

3. PDF2Go

The best thing about PDF2Go is the quick access menu on the front page. The editor also requires you to upload the file, and then it quickly opens in the web editor.  A direct link for adding text to PDF documents is missing, so you will have to use general editing. As you open it, though, you can quickly access buttons for the most common procedures.

Quick is also the editor, though it’s not as advanced as those rival services offer. Controls are also not as familiar: for example, the mouse wheel zooms the document in or out instead of scrolling through it. But overall, it’s decent for fast operations that don’t require thorough editing.

Converting options are available via direct links (effectively shortcuts). You can compress, split, or merge PDFs by uploading them and letting the server do the job.

  • Quick converter
  • Fast (though basic) editor
  • Password Protection tool
  • Other online services available

4. SodaPDF

While it starts the same as with the previous ones, SodaPDF is quite a specific service. Its PDF editor is rich in features and capable of processing large files, but it’s significantly slower than the others. Operations like adding text field to PDF may take several seconds while other services do it without any noticeable delay. Undoing a change is also slow enough.

On the other hand, SodaPDF editor combines rich features and simple interface. It’s simpler than one might expect after, say, PDFLiner. Still, we must acknowledge that the online version of SodaPDF is mostly a promo for its main product — a commercial suite for PDF editing and converting on PC or Mac. Its price is reasonable, and, instead of subscription-based services, it requires a single payment. The online version, though, is free and usable but slower than rival services.

  • Rich functional editor
  • Shortcuts for the most common operations
  • Batch PDF processing
  • OCR
  • Desktop app available (though paid)

No Need for Acrobatics

Which of these services did impress you the most? What features would you like to see in them? Did they satisfy your needs when you used them? There are other services and some aspects of the mentioned one we might have missed. Your comments are welcomed, and it takes no PDF editor to comment on this.
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