Adobe Sign vs DocuSign: Which One Is the Best?

Electronic document workflow has become a significant part of our lives. An essential thing of any deal or contract is the signing of an accepted written agreement. So that you can quickly find the right service, we decided to compare the popular Adobe Sign vs DocuSign software, as well as consider their alternatives to determine the best one in all aspects.

DocuSign Overview

Design: 4/5
User Experience: 4/5
Functions: 5/5
Platforms: Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, any browser.
Free trial: Yes, 30 days.

DocuSign is an effective service. Developers offer you almost any solution that you may need to maintain a paperless workflow. You don't have to purchase all of them; you can choose one or several that suit you. eSignature solution allows you to work more effectively with employees and customers, saving you time and money. Although DocuSign is an online service, the company has released its own mobile app. So now the signing process is even faster. You can do it from any device convenient for you, wherever you are.

An extremely convenient feature is the template creation option, especially for businesses with a large workflow volume. And if your company is international and has branches in different countries, you will surely appreciate that the service recognizes 44 languages ​​and provides advanced support for 14 languages. DocuSign has many partners in various areas and can be integrated with over 350 other platforms, from the popular Google and Microsoft to the more specialized Eltropy and Zuora.

Despite such a wide range of possibilities, DocuSign is available not only for large corporations and legal entities. Any individual can also purchase one of the solutions by choosing a tariff plan depending on their needs. All basic and commonly used features are available in any kit. To decide which set of options you need, you have almost a month of a free trial period.

Adobe Sign Overview

Design: 4/5
User Experience: 5/5
Functions: 4/5
Platforms: Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, any browser.
Free trial: Yes, 7 days.

Adobe Sign eSignatures is also a part of a larger service that allows you to manage the paper flow inside and outside your company quickly and efficiently. So if you already implemented one of the Adobe family solutions in your work, the integration would be even easier. However, it has excellent compatibility with products from other well-known companies. You can sign documents, send them to colleagues and employees, receive a read notification for a submitted file, and collect signatures from all team members.

Using Adobe Sign significantly speeds up the decision-making and signing process, which means that workers have more time for other essential tasks. This service offers two types of signatures: electronic and digital. The second option is a more advanced tool secured by security certificates and provides a higher level of signer authentication. Of course, not everyone needs this authentication level, so you can choose one of three tariff plans, depending on your needs and work nuances.

Adobe Sign supports 34 languages ​​and is available as a browser version and apps for Mac and Windows, as well as an app for smartphones. The site has an extensive Learn and Support section that provides useful information for beginners and advanced users and tutorials on integrating electronic signatures into your workflow. Adobe Sign for Business deserves special attention, as it provides tools for use by your entire team.

Let's Compare DocuSign and Adobe Sign

These services offer roughly the same set of solutions and options, so choosing the best one can be difficult. In this section, we compared Adobe Sign versus DocuSign on several important criteria and determined the best one.

Functions set

Of course, the ability to sign documents using an electronic signature is not all the software features. They offer a truly comprehensive package of services that will be useful to both individual and large corporations. If you are not sure which one delivers a useful function set for you, Adobe Sign vs DocuSign, Reddit has a lot of advice from real users.

Adobe Sign offers a fairly extensive set of tools for working with PDF files. Users can edit documents, annotate them, and export them to other formats. An essential and convenient feature is the notification and reminder system. DocuSign has more features and options for integration with other platforms, especially if you opt for a business and enterprise plan.

Winner: DocuSign

If you compare DocuSign to Adobe Sign in terms of the options available, the former will prove to be more comprehensive.

Interface and design

From a user experience point of view, the desktop versions of both services look a little overwhelmed. It may take a new user some time to figure out what is where. While Adobe Sign is a part of a larger family of apps and software, those having some experience with them will figure it out pretty quickly. It is a significant advantage of this platform.

However, when comparing the interface and design of their mobile apps, they are equally good. Both have a simple and intuitive design. All the essentials are placed in separate tabs, and additional functions are hidden in the menu. Both DocuSign and Adobe Sign apps have a handy tracker that allows you to track the signing of documents and the process of working on them.

Winner: Adobe Sign

It's hard to say whether Adobe Sign or DocuSign is better. However, owners of any Adobe product will find it easier to understand the interface and features of the Adobe Sign software. And in general, setting up an account is easier here.

Working process

The process of signing documents is not particularly difficult. Both platforms offer a simple step-by-step procedure with drag-and-drop support, albeit with minor differences. If you try both Adobe Sign and DocuSign in the same document, you will see almost no difference. You can edit files (delete or add fields), comment on individual parts of a text, and use ready-made templates to create a contract or proposal quickly. Both services save documents in your personal cloud and offer a convenient tracking system over the signing process.

Winner: They’re equal

Both DocuSign and Adobe Sign make the workflow as simple and straightforward as possible. There is no single winner in this category.

Adobe Sign vs DocuSign pricing

For many users, the cost is the determining factor when choosing the perfect software. While the minimum pricing plans for Adobe Sign and DocuSign are about the same and deliver only a basic set of features, the cost of advanced options can vary significantly. It should be said that Adobe offers a more flexible pricing system. You can purchase a package for yourself alone or for your entire team of up to 10 people. While DocuSign software is only available for 5 users.

Winner: Adobe Sign

Adobe Sign wins for more flexible payment options, pricing plans, and overall lower costs in this category.

Best of the Two

So, what's better Adobe Sign or DocuSign? As you can see, Adobe Sign wins when comparing the two services. Not least due to its cost. This software will be an excellent choice for both individuals and private entrepreneurs, making it more versatile. It does not mean that its rival, which we have examined in the article, does not deserve your attention. In our opinion, DocuSign is more suitable for implementation in large corporations with extensive document flow due to its compatibility with other platforms. Compared to Adobe Sign DocuSign integration possibilities are much more comprehensive.

Are There Any Other Alternatives?

Of course, these companies are not the only options providing the opportunity to e-sign documents. Below, you will find three more excellent services that are great alternatives.

Adobe Sign vs DocuSign vs HelloSign

HelloSign is a perfect choice for anyone looking for a simpler platform with basic paperwork tools. If you need an electronic signature once or twice a month, you can use this service for free. Besides, it provides a 30-day trial period, during which you can familiarize yourself with all the features of a picked tariff plan. This software was developed by Dropbox. So the interface and basic features will be familiar to you if you have experience using this cloud storage.

Adobe Sign vs DocuSign vs SignNow

Another simple and straightforward service is SignNow. Unlike Adobe Sign and DocuSign, it has a more intuitive interface and offers more affordable pricing. The feature set is more suitable for individual entrepreneurs and small business owners than for large corporations. You can merge documents, share them using links, assign them a unique ID, and collect payments using forms. There is also the so-called Kiosk Mode. When one form is completed and signed, the service creates a new one for the next signer automatically. These functions are not available to users of other popular services.

PDFLiner vs Adobe Sign vs DocuSign

While Adobe Sign and DocuSign offer ample opportunities for medium and large businesses, these features may be completely unnecessary for entrepreneurs with a small staff (up to 50 people). PDFLiner provides a set of tools for editing, correcting documents, and filling out tax and other papers at a very affordable price. An intuitive interface will make working with any document as simple as possible. You can sign an agreement or tax form online in just a couple of clicks. Moreover, the site has over 30 million different ready-made forms; you only need to enter your details and send a paper by email or fax to a recipient. The finished documents are stored in your personal account.
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